Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Meet the family

Things are always exciting with three fur-people sharing the place; or is it us two non-fur-people who are really the sharing parties?

Gershwyn is in charge. He's an 18 year-old Maine Coon who came to live with us 12.5 years ago when his owners-at-the-time had a baby. He has selective hearing (like most males) and has a foot/shoe fetish. At least we don't have to worry about scorpions getting in our shoes! Gersh started out in Texas with us and has been on many a plane-trip to relocate all over the country.

Calvin & Hobbes are siblings acquired as kittens through Jen-the-cat-lady when we lived in Providence. They're 3 now. They spend their days and nights sneaking up on each other (who knew cats could jump 3 feet straight up with the right motivation?) or hogging the bed.

Our latest adventure is a mini-reef tank. After the standard several weeks of "growing dirty water" [not the technical term for it, but come on guys... that's what's happening] we incrementally added "critters" to reach our current population of soft- and hard-corals, 5 blue-legged and 1 red-legged Hermit crabs, a brittle starfish, Ma-na-Ma-na the anemone, and a snail. There's a few "other things" surviving in there too (like two very large sea slugs!) that apparently stowed away in the rocks. So far everything seems reasonably happy and compatible and the "other things" stay mostly hidden.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The first one!

Good morning folks. I'm on my way to "work"; yeah, I succumbed to the pressures of being a productive member of society and started working my way back to reality. After 5 years of retirement, it's been quite a shock.
Not nearly as much as the heat in south Florida, however. And actually it was the heat that drove me back to corporate America -- if I'm going to be stuck inside all day, I might as well have someone else pay for the a/c. Started out as a clever alternative; then Mark picked up the banner and decided that I'd officially 'gone back to work'.
For those of you that remember my working days, you'll notice I'm still a "punctuation fanatic".
Hope yours is a good one.